Marching Band T-Shirt Quilt - Finished!

  My high school marching band director {and regular band, and former neighbor} retired this year, and one of the band moms suggested a t-shirt quilt as a gift. I said I was willing to help in any way that I could, which ended up being a lot of messaging back and forth as she prepped and pieced the top, then finishing it up for her.

I did have to do a tiny bit of seam repair to make all the corners match up nicely, because I'm anal a perfectionist. But it was nice to have someone else do all the hard work of pulling the top together - especially of getting people to donate t-shirts. {I never did find mine. Sorry!}

This one is my dad's. I remember him wearing it every weekend for eight years! {Yeah, we're band geeks.}

I quilted musical notes in addition to the usual loops. They're kind of adorable. Quick, someone send me more band t-shirts!

The backing is the same flannel as the front, which also has paw prints as the cornerstones. Because we're the BRHS panthers!

Sidenote: that black shirt is awesome and I wish I had it.

Because I take theming to the max, the binding is G-clefs.


Oh, and I know you're wondering - I was in the pit, because I couldn't tell left from right and tripped over my own feet while marching. I played xylophone, timpani, marimbas, etc - all the stuff too big to march with.

Oh, and just a small housekeeping note: I recently became a Craftsy affliate. They are having a sale on classes this weekend - Create the Unexpected. You can even take a class on creating your own t-shirt quilt!

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