Merry and Bright Table Runner - Finished!

So, this... This is my oldest project. In existence. And it's finished.


It's not, actually, my oldest WiP - I started it well after my beginner class sample, for example. It has been a WiP for a long time, though.


And it's not, actually, my oldest quilt-ish item - I made a few {slightly horrific} things for friends before this.


What is it, is the first thing I bought at a quilt store, back in 2008. Just a little charm pack table runner kit...that started my love affair with precuts and Sandy Gervais lines.


I've moved beyond buying precuts now. {Although I still have plenty of WiPs with them.} But they were, back then, a great way to get a feel for blending colors in a safe way. {And yet I still used a contrast strip that MATCHED the ornament?!}


And wow, yeah, great choice to use the cream there, me. That ornament really pops? Lessons {many of them} learned.


I embroidered the hooks, then decided they needed to be "on" something. I haven't tacked the string down yet because I'm not sure it's right, but for now, it's staying.

And eight years after my first "real" quilt purchase, I'll get to see it on my table for the holidays.

Merry and Bright by Sandy Gervais, Kona Bone {probably?}


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