A Million Steps - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

  An appropriate name for a t-shirt quilt, don't you think? I did a tiny bit of research and the average-ish number of steps in a marathon is 50,000. So one million steps is only 20 marathons. {Only!!} I'd say this group of t-shirt definitely represents at least that!


These are mostly from the New York / New Jersey / Philly area, which is where I grew up. But I haven't done any of my fifty states over there yet, so I'm always looking at shirts for good designs. {Because running races is allllll about the shirts and medals, you know?}


She's a Half Fanatic, Marathon Maniac, and Double Agent {member of both.} And this was my first time working with shirts that someone else made {the sparkly HF/MM/DA and the Rebecca 26.2} - they stick very well.


I quilted it in loops and flowers, and a hidden Mickey in one of the Disney shirts. I forgot to take a picture of that because it was very cold. And snowing. Ugh. I'm so over winter.


See? Way too much snow. The backing is "just" a Joann's flannel, but it was mostly out of stock everywhere. I was about to send my mother, my friend in Florida, and the customer on a mission to each get a couple yards, when the customer found it on Etsy. Whew! She was perfectly okay with waiting to get the backing she wanted, so I ordered it and we waited! {The Etsy shop had very fast shipping, actually. It was delayed - big surprise - by the post office.}


I loooooooooove the binding. I pulled out a bunch of my dark blues, but nothing looked right. So I went off to Joann's, bought two more {because I can always absorb dark blue into my QOV stash} and she picked this one. It has just the right hints of red, pink, and aqua to blend with the front and the back.