Minecraft Zombie Pillow - Finished!

This creature turns eight tomorrow.

{Santa left him reindeer food. I suspect he's planning to steal a reindeer next Christmas.}


He requested a Minecraft Zombie pillow.


As you can see, it's vastly different from the Minecraft Creeper. I did oblige him with pixelation this time. I don't think a single piece of this green is actually Emerald...

The backing was a no-brainer. The Dude loooooooooooves minkee. {Mom loves using selvage ends so there's no hemming.}

{Ooooh, minkee...}

This year, he...
...survived his dad's longest deployment {and the first one he'll remember}
...learned how to read - and how to love reading
...asked if his little brother would come knowing the Gangnam Style dance

...got retainers to widen his mouth {wait, we want him to have a BIGGER mouth?}

...gained a ton of self-confidence as he learned to ride horseback
...let his hair grow out because people told him he looked like a California surfer dude
...watched every.single.episode of the new Doctor Who with me
...ran his first 5K {and second...and first Disney race}
...traveled to Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Disneyland, Washington DC, Atlanta, and New York City
...obsessed over Angry Birds, Minecraft, and Just Dance 4