Mini Quilts - Finished!

  As I've mentioned, I'm doing some Instagram swaps this year. I finished two recently and thought I'd post them and share some of the inspiration.

First up was the Rainbow Mini Quilt - my partner said she wanted me to "try something that scares me." Hmmm. Well, the one thing I haven't tried, because maybe I'm a little scared, even though I've had Cut to Pieces' curves book for about six months now...

I flipped through the book a lot, but kept coming back to this pattern. It might be because of the Katie Jump Rope fabric. Or the quilting. But eventually I just gave in and decided to make it.

And I'm so, so glad that I did! Cutting it was terrifying {I used plastic instead of real templates and I was positive I was going to cut off my fingers.} But sewing it? Easy peasy thanks to Angela's method. My quilting isn't as impressive, but I wanted to highlight those curves even though I'm limited in FMQ skills without a longarm.

And now I have a set of Drunkard's Path rulers, courtesy of my mother-in-law, so I don't have to worry about chopping my fingers off for the next one. Yes, I said the next one!

Made for M3_quilts.

And then there was the Kitten Mini Swap. My partner for this one likes 30s fabrics and bright, primary colors. Um, well. 30s is probably the only thing lacking in my stash. So I hunted down {and begged IG friends} some cat 30s fabrics - which is harder than you might think. Apparently the 30s fabrics are all about Scottie dogs right now.

My partner likes stars, so I Googled "cat star block" and...actually got a result, from the Schnitzel & Boo mini swap last fall. Mine is modified to a single cat, single fabric per star point - and obviously I had to give them whiskers!

My original plan was a bigger star, but then I was inspired by Kate at Life in Pieces to stop being terribly boring with my borders. So I bought a border book because it had kitty cat paws and added them to the outer edges. Those toe pads finish at 1/2", which is approximately the same size as CC's.

And now I have a whole list of borders to try - and the faintest sketches of a medallion quilt.

Made for Mama of a Silly Kid.