My Precious "Shoe Box" Blocks

So... I have 40 blocks from my most precious Objects of Desire honey bun...
Now I just need to decide what to do with them!
5x8 - long and skinny - 25x56" - table runner
8x5 - 40x35" - square(ish) baby quilt
4x10 - 28x50" - slightly too square table runner
10x4 - 70x20 - reeeeeeeeally skinny table runner
{I wonder what size my kitchen table is?}
I also have the panel back at home... Near as I can figure, one way uses 24 blocks and yields a 52x42" quilt. The other way uses 34 blocks and yields a 52x46" quilt.
Or, I could add a layer cake...or 4-5 charm packs...
Ah, decisions!