Nevertheless She Persisted - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

  Sometimes, you hear a quote and think, "that's going to be a t-shirt quilt name before long." And boy was I right on this one!


It's a good name for a running shirt quilt, I think. Lots of persistence represented here! Also, lots of Disney. I'm so jealous of people who live near the parks! {Actually, I'm just jealous of anyone who lives in Southern California, because - hey look! Snow!}


Quilting is loops and flowers, but using a light yellow thread instead of my usual light grey. And yes, there's a hidden Mickey, of which I forgot to take a picture. And yes, that shirt was set on point in the original shirt, and I always want to straighten it! {Lisa had it, too.}


The reason for the yellow on the front was to match the awesome back! She said she wanted her Half Fanatic number as the backing, and it was pretty easy to throw together. And HUGE - 6-20" letters!


It's slightly more centered than the fence picture implies.


The binding is the same blue as the letters, making an amazing frame for the back and a pretty great one for the front, too.

blue dots - yellow dots