Non Incautus Futuri - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

  And so begins 2016's t-shirt quilts, with one that makes me want to dig out my college t-shirts for my own. Mostly because I have several of these!

Yup, this one is for a friend - actually, my sorority big-big-sister. It's full of her memories, and yet mine, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, my college newspaper's motto. Man, college. Amiright?

Washington & Lee {the best college in Virginia} boasts several high profile events, such as the annual Fancy Dress ball {top left and right} and the every-four-years Mock Con {middle top.} In fact, they're gearing up to hold the 2016 Mock Con in just a few weeks. And as it's always the non-incumbent party, they're trying to predict the Republican nominee. Uh, good luck with that one, kids. It's okay to be wrong this year.

Also pictured on the middle left is the shirt from our 250th ball. That's right, all W&L students from our time period got to learn how to say bicenquinquagenary. Yes, I had to Google the spelling.

Because there was a lot of white in the shirts, I asked to use some color to add some depth to it. It was also to add some length - my friend's husband is tall enough that he still might have his toes sticking out from under this one.

The blue swirl is from Joann's, the cream with blue flecks is Andover's Downton Abbey collection {yeah...I may have done that on purpose a little bit...} and the backing is Joann's. I think they all play together nicely.

The quilting is loops - basic and not distracting from the design.

At this point, the label hadn't been filled out, but she chose the name "Non Incautus Futuri" - our motto meaning "not unmindful of the future." LOVE.


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