Olaf Frozen Quilt - Finished!

  And the second Frozen quilt, this one featuring Olaf, the only character I can somewhat stand in the movie! Seriously, the quilt is even titled "Happy Snowman" which is the most hilarious line of the most hilarious Disney song in ages. {It's funny because he jumps over the rhyming word.}

Minus the snow. Because the weather is not cooperating with my need for props. 50º in December in Washington?? No.

I liked this pattern {also by Fat Quarter Shop} much better than the princess one. The corner blocks blend nicely and frame the quilt perfectly, instead of just being random blocks used as filler.

Cute, right? I maybe wouldn't have gone with the last white border, since the block has white and I'd rather have it stand out. But it was a kit, so I did what I was told. {Also not so much on the white because it's for a little boy who will most definitely be spilling stuff on this one. Sigh.}

The quilting is the same swirls as the princess version, with an added, um, paisley-like-thing-y every now and again. That's the technical term.

The backing is more Olaf, because themes are fun. And I swear - I do fill in the labels eventually!


And they are already mailed off and ecstatically received. Okay, maybe the princess one a little more. Toddler boys are hard to impress.

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