Setting Goals - OMG / FAL

  My bouts of life/illness back in April made me miss posting my Finish Along goals, which is always a bad thing. Sometimes posting a goal is the only thing that keeps me moving on it! {Case in point: CA Girl Hourglass.}

But it's kind of hard to figure out goals for the next three months, because during the summer, it's harder to get to the longarm rental {I rely on the school to babysit for me, naturally}, but we're home a lot more so I can get more tops done. {Hey, kids, want to watch 8 hours of Princess Sofia play with Play Doh?}

On top of that, we're moving this fall/winter/maybe/who knows, so once September comes around, I want to quilt every week to clear out the numerous WiPs before I lose access to my longarm rental. {Maybe the next town will have a rental. Maybe I'll buy my own. MAYBE I DON'T KNOW.}

So, all this to say, I'll spend the summer making tops and binding what's already here. And then in September, I'll suddenly have a bunch of finishes. And I'm really trying to think through what those finishes absolutely need to be {tshirt quilts, birthday quilts, Christmas quilts} and what I can just do for fun, for me {not much.}

First and foremost - five t-shirt quilts. Six if you count my own, which is a top, and I have the backing, so it should be close to the top of the longarm list in September.

Lori's birthday quilt - and the top will be my OMG goal for July. I just need to sash together the big pieces, and that tends to be one of the places I drop the ball because who wants to make twenty five 100x1.5" strips? {That may be an exaggeration.}

A medallion quilt made partly from my brother-in-law's uniforms. I'm not grouping it with the t-shirt quilts because it's a bit more in depth than them. Because my sister thinks I'm better at this than I probably actually am. She also ordered a couple of patchwork pillows from her father-in-law's dress shirts.

Speaking of pillows, I have a ridiculous amount of them {and minis, and table runners} lying about, usually just needing binding or even the threads buried to finish them off. It'd be nice to finish the Halloween ones by...Halloween.

And speaking of "just needs binding" - Daisy Chain, a unicorn pillow, Flying Four #2, and I'm pretty sure Woven Snowmen is down in this pile somewhere. Yeesh. That should keep me busy between tops this summer.

And here's where I would add a long list of all my tops, like CA Girl, that I'd like to quilt, but...I'm trying to be realistic. Because - oh yeah - I'm also doing a half Ironman at the end of September. NO BIGGIE. So, realism, and clearing out the most important/nearly finished stuff first. I can do that. Maybe.