Pets on Quilts Show

Last time, I featured Tycho in the Pets on Quilts Show, because Tycho loves quilts. Constantly. Too much.

Wedge wasn't all that into the quilting thing.

Tried to bribe him with treats to pose on my Halloween Hexagons. Not much luck.

Did someone run through your layout and mess it all up? Gee, that's terrible...I think it was the white cat.

He spent most of his days napping on the bed, which was, occasionally and to his dismay, used for scrap sorting.

Or he napped in sunny spots, like in front of my design wall. {Don't go away, sunny spot!}

Or sometimes he protested the placement of things on his spots by draping himself awkwardly over them.

Oh, look, it's a sunny chair. You go ahead and baste, Mom; I'm good here.

And his favorite spot, of course, was on my lap, preventing me from doing anything sewing sorting those patterns.

Unfortunately, this post is in past tense. After a five month battle with lymphoma, Wedge passed away last week. It breaks my heart that he never got to find the sunny spots in Washington.

5/2001 - 8/2/2013