Pets on Quilts Show: Tycho

Oh, this cat.
 That's him in my profile picture. He loves fabric. He helps on every quilt, no matter how many times I tell him to go away. He doesn't even have a favorite part of the process to nap on - he'll manage to get in the way every step of the way.
His name is Tycho Celchu. Yes, I'm that big of a Star Wars fan. (His brother is Wedge.) He was a stray, adopted from the shelter as a "young adult," so we have no idea of his true age. Best guess is early 2001, making him 10 years old now.
Can you see the difference in him between these the picture sets? He had bladder surgery in late 2009 - I like to tell him he cost me a serger. Afterward, he packed on two pounds (20 percent of his weight!) Now he spends a little more time napping, though he can still manage the jump onto the cutting table.
He LOVES the Dude. We were worried because he's a rough cat with adults - his favorite game is lick-lick-chomp-your-hand - but he doesn't use claws on kids. Which means the two of them often conspire to stay underfoot in the sewing room.
Of course, if I'm not sewing, he completely ignores me. Oddly, when a quilt is done, he won't sleep on it.
There's plenty more cats and dogs on quilts at SewCalGal's quilt show! (But you should vote for Tycho, #89. "Oh, Mom, this is the fabric I won for you. OF COURSE I can sleep on it.")
Also, I'm having a giveaway here. :)