Pinched - a QOV Top!

So my last Quilts of Valor top took nine months to make. This one? Maybe nine days total. Man, what a difference a few {hundred} HSTs makes!


This was a quick pattern test for Robotmomsews. The minute I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect pattern for some of the large Air Force prints that Kakiofhoneyhill {an Air Force mom} sent Jessmakes {our local QOV binder extraordinaire} - a big circle of Instagram friends.

The pattern calls for up to 12 fat quarters of the middles, but you could easily cut it from at least three. I used two squares from each FQ, and saved the other two for another pattern. Probably a fast disappearing nine patch or something.

It would also be awesome as a baby quilt - the blocks are HUGE so you could pick one focal FQ/quarter yard for the centers, and vary up some coordinating scraps on the outer rings. Four quick blocks, mostly fast straight seams - boom, baby quilt.


This is one block - see how it's secretly almost my favorite block ever, a churn dash? Oh, how I love thee, churn dash.

And I totally chose to use that dark blue DSQ fabric in most of the blocks because it reminds me of the reflective belts the pilots have to wear. I told my husband this, and he said, "Why would we want to be reminded of that?" Buzzkill.

I left off the pattern's outer border because I wanted to emphasize the churn dash-y-ness of the quilt. Also, it was already within QOV standards, so I packed it up and dropped it off with our local coordinator.