Pink Flying Geese - a Finished Mini

Well, I've had quite the week. Shortly after I posted my finish last week, my website was hacked {along with about 1.5 million others!} and I spent the weekend desperately trying to recover from that {with the help of a very patient friend, because I know nothing about coding.} Even now, I'm removing backdoor scripts and cautiously deciding which plug-ins to enable again. {Spam check is back on, because spammers know exactly when you've let your guard down.} So I apologize if I tried to sell you some Canadian drugs last week. I certainly hope it won't happen again. And it really cut into my sewing time! I had sat down to bind two quilts last Friday afternoon when my mom told me I was hacked, and only one is nearly finished now. So instead of mini-Monday last Monday, I'm playing catch-up.

And so, the finish! It's for the pink mini swap on Instagram - my first swap in a very long time. My partner said she likes flying geese, ombre, and non-traditional colored backgrounds. Check, check, and check! I've had this design pinned for a long time, and jumped at the chance to use it. I have a huge amount of pink scraps, and I think I sorted through about thirty different ones to get the proper ombre effect - and even then, I had to borrow one from my neighbor.

A quick non-tutorial on doing one like mine, with four blocks containing one geese in each fabric.

Mine is made with traditional flying geese, cut the traditional way {I normally do them like "speed piecing method B," but in this case, the backgrounds wouldn't end up on the correct sides.}

You need six 3-3/4" squares, cut twice on the diagonal, and twenty-four 2-1/8" background blocks, cut once on the diagonal. If you're using two different backgrounds, it's twelve of each. You'll end up with 1-3/4x3" geese {1-1/4x2-1/2" finished}. Eight background pieces of 8x3" unfinished - or four of each.

It makes a 15.5" unfinished block, which is the perfect size for a mini!

I used Hawthorne Threads' in-house arrows collection for the grey background, and an unknown aqua. {I ordered a scrap pack from HT, so the aqua was just shy of the amount needed to have a readable selvage. And the clever scrap-pack-packers made sure to get several of the in-house designs in there, which was great because I wanted to feel their base fabric.}

The pinks were: Lizzy House butterflies, Sandy Gervais leftover charm, unknown polka dots, Lizzy House pearl bracelets, Heather Ross Mendocino, unknown chevron

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