Pinterest + Lazy

One of the things I knew I wanted for the new place was a menu board. I needed to be able to plan the week out and not constantly ask people what they wanted for dinner...that would consistently still be frozen around dinner time.

I Pinterest-researched the heck out of it, settling on this design.

And I was going to make it.


But then this magnetic wipe-off board was in a back-to-school sale. And really, then I can write things that conflict with dinner plans right on the board and know that I need to pick a crockpot {or straight-up-lazy pizza night} for that day.

Bonus: the index cards? Also on sale. {Cut in half, they are the perfect size.}

And I was looking for magnetic strips to attach to mini clothespins. Really. But there were these magnets in the same section that had the days already on why reinvent the wheel?

And the Keurig boxes covered in scrapbook paper? I even saved two boxes! And then found the magnetic cup thing with notepad and mini-pen. Now my husband will quit asking me where the grocery list is. {In theory.}

I stuck some magnets on the provided sticky-things and - done!

I did keep the idea of colors designating the protein. The recipe source, suggested side dishes, and ingredients needed are written on the back of the card.

The cards are stored behind the list, with the ones from that week going to the back of the pile to encourage some variety.