PIU - A Finished T-Shirt Quilt!

And with this third one, the first three t-shirt quilts of the year have pretty much reflected my own life - a college one, a running one, and a squadron one.

squadron tshirt quilt3.JPG

This one is for a friend of some of my first t-shirt quilts - good to know she'd still recommend me! {Running / Fireman}

She sent a few shirts, some flight suits that she wanted pockets and rank from, and decided to add a border to make it a bit bigger.

squadron tshirt quilt2.JPG

The border and binding is grey crosshatch {surprise!} and the backing is a camo flannel. Quilting is loops around - but not on - the t-shirt designs. It makes a slightly puffier quilt.

squadron tshirt quilt4.JPG

She {the wife} asked for it to be called PIU, which...I don't know what it means. But it means something to them!

squadron tshirt quilt1.JPG

Trying to get out of my fence comfort zone and take pictures elsewhere, but I need to work on getting my husband to hold them straight and even.

Oh, and funny tidbit. So I show him the shirts and ask what kind of plane it is. He blinks at me several times, then says, "Thirteen and a half years. You've been an Air Force wife for thirteen and a half years, and you can't identify the plane?" Sheesh. I can only identify his plane because it has a black nose. Why would I bother to learn the other ones?