Postage Stamp Quilt Along - Finished Top

It was rough, but I got it done in time for the contest!
 I named it "Bad Romance" in honor of Valentine's Day.
Last week, I was sure it wouldn't get done. At one point, three of the five of us were on antibiotics (me, the Dude and one of the cats.) 
And then the best thing to do when you can barely walk? Fly halfway across the country for your dad's 60th birthday party. Totally worth it, and the Dude was awesomely helpful throughout the whole process. Makes me consider taking him on much longer flights.
The cat is less than helpful.
We barely made it home Monday night before the blizzard started, which was followed by two snow days, which makes sewing harder. 
(BTW, snow in Oklahoma is the weirdest thing. We had to check the radar to see if it was still snowing because it looked like the wind was just whipping snow off the roof. We have places with 2' drifts and places you can see the grass.)
The leftover strips will make a great little runner for my coffee table.
I still need to decide on backing, though I'm pretty sure I'm using the teal flowers as the binding (second block, second row from right.)
And now I'm going to take a nap because that used up all my energy for the day.