Pretty in Pink - Finished!

A finish made entirely of scraps and stash! That has to be my favorite kind.

This quilt was inspired by my overflowing pink scrap bin, and Jasmine's Reverse Stars. I chose 3" finished squares because that was the size of the Kona scrap I had leftover from the chevron top.

In retrospect, I probably would have made less hearts. They ended up being a little hard to space out on the top, and they're a bit more overwhelming than I was going for. Plus, I could have used more pink scraps!

I quilted the pink portions in loose loops, then tighter-but-not-really-matchstick in the hearts.

The binding is also scrappy - lots of 2.5" strips!

Definitely something I would do again - I can close the top of the pink scrap bin now! And since it was all pink, I could just ignore the fact that some of the fabrics were glaringly bright.

Quilt Details
Fabric: scraps, Kona Bone
Backing: unknown pink remnant
Binding: scraps
Size: 45" square
Pattern: reverse hearts - similar to this block