A Princess Picnic - Finished!

This one started a few years ago - I thought I was madly in love with this line, and purchased the jelly roll and backing and Grunge background to make Avignon Picnic, a Moda Bake Shop pattern. It sat for a few years, like stuff often does in my sewing room. This summer, I finally unrolled the jelly roll...

...only to discover, um, this fabric is so not me. I mean, it's a nice fabric line. I like some of the prints. But overall, I don't know what I was thinking.

Luckily, I was working on it at my in-laws, and my niece was quick to point out how much she loved the flowers, and the lacy prints, and Auntie Katie, did you know there's CROWNS on this fabric?

So although she didn't know it as she helped me decide on the layout, this was was destined for her.

We agreed that a controlled scrappy look was much better than all-over scrappy. The only thing I would do differently next time {and I love the pattern and there will be a next time!} is plan the rows so the colors in the middle of the 0s alternate - like in the photo above, blue-white / white-blue.

Because it's a "family" quilt, I played a little more with the quilting, doing loops along the pattern-lines. I'm always amazed when these things work out - I don't consider myself a "good" longarmer yet {I can rock the loop!} so I'm always pleased when an experiment works out. I suppose I should have done something in all the middle-0s, but eh.

I used the remaining jelly roll strips to do the binding, because jelly roll quilts just beg for scrappy binding, too.

And it is off in the mail - a full day before the PO cutoff!


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