Rachel Runs - A T-Shirt Quilt

  Ahhhh. So I sat down to write this post this morning, and discovered...I screwed up my hosting. And my entire website was GONE. After a very tense and expensive lesson, all I have to say it - local backup, kids. Every week.

Anyway, ahem. Before I basically failed at being an adult, I finished a t-shirt quilt!

And it's a pretty one! Full of California races, and a couple of my bucket list ones. {Grand Canyon? Um, yes! Rachel was busy doing the Yellowstone race while I was working on it, and she's thinking about the Alaska one, so there was a lot of race chatting between us.}

Disney race shirt? Check. Hidden Mickey? Check!

She's a Half Fanatic, so that got in there.

And that Heavenly Half shirt? Gorgeous. I didn't want to cut it! The whole shirt was trees and branches and it was a shame I had to narrow it down to a mere 18" of shirt. Yeah, I get attached to other people's race shirts.

The backing is blue flannel, and the quilting is a boxy meander.

Shockingly {not} I used a blue crosshatch on the binding.

68" square

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