Raiders T-Shirt Quilt - Finished!

Almost...through...the pile...of t-shirt quilts...

This one is for a good friend of my husband - he pinned my husband to major while they were both deployed last summer.

Though he may have tested the limits of that friendship when he showed up with 26 t-shirts. Oversize, too - most were 16-18", and my usual t-shirt block is 15". So obviously the standard design was not going to work here.

The only request he had was that the "Real Men Wear Black" was front and center. I printed off some tiny graph paper {the 1/10 size} and worked out a design. 

If you know anything about the Raiders {I don't} you'll know some of the shirts are very old. Apparently, the Raiders have been in Oakland since 1995, and some of the shirts predate that to Los Angeles.

This became a pretty big problem when I started quilting, as the older shirts stretched like crazy despite interfacing. I finally had to give up and take it to a professional.

She quilted pretty footballs over it, and some of the shirts tripped her up, too. Which is good in that I was not just being a quitter - but also bad because I don't want to be on the "brings bad quilts" list!