Rainbow Churn Dash - A Finished Quilt

  This, my friends, is it. The only quilt I will finish this year that's for me. And it is a doozy - big, bright, beautiful, and full of my favorite fabrics.

I like scrap quilts that incorporate lots of fabrics, like Skorca and Make It Do - but there's just something awesome about a single block where I can point to my favorites, over and over.

{That brown in the bottom left? Scraps from my epic Swoon quilt. The block next to it - the fantastic morning glories of my eighth grade graduation dress. The green sunflowers on the left is the first fabric I bought after my marriage to make a bed quilt. {And didn't. You're welcome, husband.} The green right above it is the border from the quilt I made for the Little Man's foster family.}

{Unfortunately, the wind really didn't want to cooperate with the photo session.}

This quilt was made during the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2014 - four blocks a month of the chosen color {minus black} and an additional eight blocks to bring it up to a 7x8 layout.

I debated the sashing for a while, and ended up with a "dancing sashing" from Quiltville. I love it - adds just the right amount of movement, and the Priory Square fabric blends perfectly.

{That blue is my oldest fabric - I believe my mother made us dresses from it when I was in sixth grade or so. The pink plain is my backing from Bad Romance, my first quilt-along. The red - the only actually scrappy block - is some of the very last scraps I have of my adored Punctuation.}

The quilting is a very lazy clamshell - I planned to go back and add the second layer to make it an orange peel, but let's just say, without rulers, that looks terrible. I went back at home and added nearly invisible stitch-in-the-ditch along the sashing to stabilize it.

I realized that I rarely quilt anything big at home anymore, so CC does not have the joy of being completely in the way. Poor baby.

The wind was nice enough to give me a backing shot! It's a vintage sheet I bought in Oklahoma. Perfect size. It's never going to match anything, really, so I decided to just go for it.

And then the wind said, "Nope! We're done here!"

{That aqua is the focal fabric in my unfinished Celtic Solstice. The red to its right is a fabric both the Dude and I picked in an Oklahoma shop hop. The rainbow chevron is a scrap from a dear friend - the green below it is leftover from the quilt I made her daughter.}

And I, of course, don't have a bedroom worth staging in. Sigh.

{The top blue is from the border of the Punctuation quilt. The stripe below it is from one of my very first sewing projects, a horribly executed purse. The red is a Sandy Gervais Valentine's line.}

I bound it in the same Priory Square as the sashing - I considered something bolder, but in the end, soft won out. It looks amazing against the backing. I wonder if fabric designers ever look around for projects using their lines, and nod to themselves at the perfection. Because this quilt is perfection.


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