Random Sewing, Random Running

Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day is coming! Lucky you - I'm cleaning up my sewing shelves and there will be something good.

I spent a little time this week making burp rags. They'll be listed on my Facebook page because I'm too lazy to deal with Etsy right now. Of course, OSU went and lost the Bedlam game, so I need to get moving on the OU ones.

My sister knit these for me. No, I don't know the pattern or the yarn shop {sister may need to comment!} - but I do know these are Wash socks. Not only that - they are "Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal!" Wash socks. Which is one of my all-time favorite show quotes EVER.

Which actually leads right into...


...because I have been known to yell "I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar!" during races.

Immediately after I finished the Route 66 Half, I sent a nasty text about the thought of a full to my running buddy. And I do mean immediately after, as I sat in the med tent with a bag of ice on my leg, as the nurse yelled at me for texting instead of holding the bag of ice.

Apparently I've forgotten all about that in two weeks, because this race report makes me want to do the Route 66 Full. Again. Even with the actual knowledge of the hills. I didn't get beer or Jello shots! I didn't get to see the Route 66 sign! {I did see the "free hug" girl, but sadly didn't hug her.}

I started training again for my next half, the first of Bling Quest 2013. Current word is the babysitter will be returning in time for the Hero-thon in San Antonio, and if he doesn't, we have a bunch of friends down there with whom I can abandon the Dude. Plus, BBQ! The Alamo! BBQ! The Riverwalk! BBQ!

{Also, can I say what a relief it is to finally get a semi-set end date? We heard everything between January-March...and the husband was once told before the holidays, which he wisely kept to himself. It will be much easier to get through the holidays with the end in sight.}

And speaking of the holidays... It's Runcember! And I'm totally breaking the first two rules of Runcember. Walk or run a mile every day in December. Come on, you know you can do it. My training plan has me running seven sprints on Christmas Day - surely the rest of y'all can manage one measly mile. ;)

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