Roanoke Colony - a QOV top!

  I don't normally post about finished tops, but this is my final work on the project, so I think it should be memorialized. And I learned a good bit on this one - so I'm sharing that, too!

This is Roanoke Colony, because it's based on Bonnie Hunter's Jamestown Landing, but got lost along the way. {That's some history humor for you.}

See, it came as a kit from my local Quilts of Valor chapter, with this pattern. Only, this pattern doesn't have any seam pressing instructions. I tried to work them out so that everything would nest, made four red blocks, and then matter what I tried, the blue blocks were NOT going to nest with the red blocks.

I know, it's a free pattern and all...but I wasn't going through the headache of lumpy seams, or reworking the existing red blocks. Oh, and by now, I had about 100 blue HSTs stitched together, too.

So I browsed Pinterest until I spotted a red, white and blue version of Jamestown Landing. No seams to match between the red and blue! Easily adaptable to the size of HSTs I already had! My red block is a different layout from the pattern, but it's close enough! So I finished up the middle part, and I'm very pleased with how it worked out.

Then I came to a new sticking point with the borders. I knew I want the piano key border; I knew I wanted to do the corners like this.

Only, I didn't know how to do the math to make sure the borders would end up on the same color. Guess what? Guessing doesn't work. What I believe has to happen, on a two color, 2" strip border, is the number of strips divided in half is either an odd or even number for BOTH the top/bottom and sides.

I had an odd number of strips on the sides, and and even on the top/bottom, so I had to fiddle with two of the corners to make them look cohesive. I though about just make a star block to fill them in, but I really didn't want to break up the R/B pattern, so...I improvised.

And then I zipped along and stay stitched the border - a first for me! Hopefully that will keep all the pieces in place for the longarmer. Our QOV chapter likes to have several people involved in each quilt, so I'll pass it along to a longarmer, and I won't see it again until it's presented to a veteran. {Unless my fantastic-neighbor-binder Jess gets it!}


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