Rose of My Heart - a Finished Quilt

  Okay, let's just start by acknowledging that my sister has been married for nearly four years. And this is my wedding gift to her. And you know what? It's not entirely my fault! I didn't get all the blocks until, um, last fall? So it's late. Very late.

Like, "she has a toddler" late. {But isn't he freaking adorable? My kids won't ham it up for the camera like that!}

So anyway. The wedding quilt. Obviously her colors were grey and purple.

Way back before the wedding, I used painters tape to stick the squares to card stock, leaving myself a wide seam allowance that no one could write in.

{Photo courtesy of Jessie Mary Photography}

Most people signed it nicely...and some kids drew jets in formation. {Wait, that was one of mine.}

Some fun sketches, lots of phones out to find the best "love" quote. {Yeah, First Corinthians is in there more than once.} And then, well...the squares were supposed to be out before the cocktail hour. And the open bar. But they weren't, so there were a few squares edited {like my cousins' Mike and Sue's purple block on the top right} and a few squares removed.

Sadly, one of those might have been mine, when my less-than-sober-cousins and I decided to give them some future baby name suggestions. Though to be fair, who wouldn't have a few {extra} cocktails after trying to supervise the Army guys' squares?

The monogram is my favorite part. It's my bridesmaid dress! I figured if I had to pay $150 for a dress I'll only wear once, I can do whatever I damn well feel like with it afterwards! And by that, I mean, I respectfully cut a portion of the lining, then hemmed it neatly before donating it.

The backing is a fantastic flannel from Maywood, the binding is On Plumberry Lane. And everything on the front is Kona. Violet, orchid, thistle, crocus, pansy, petunia, morning glory, and wisteria - a lovely garden! And silver, shale, pewter, graphite, fog, ash, coal, iron, shadow, slate, smoke, and steel...a lot of metal?

Oh, and the quilting is light purple loops and hearts.

The name is from their first dance, a Johnny Cash song. I've managed to refrain from making a rose/rows of my heart pun this entire blog post. You're welcome.

It was really an honor to put this together for my sister and brother-in-law. {And nephew.} But I'm not adding wedding quilts to my repertoire...unless there's no alcohol involved. Those Army guys scarred me for life with what they wanted to draw.


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