On Sunday, I'm running the Williams Route 66 Half Marathon, and the organizers asked for blogs posts about why people run.
I had a really good run yesterday {taper, schmaper}, so I thought I could post about how running makes me feel in shape and less stressed. 

I could post about how it feels awesome to get faster these past six weeks, and so incredibly awesome to know I'm going to beat my PR by 30 minutes. {Barring injury.}

I could post about the comraderie I have with other runners, from the DIS Boards, to my friends, to my squadron, to the local running club.

I could post about the numerous races I have on my must-do list, because I like staying in training shape.

Haha, just kidding.


The bling. I run for the bling.

And Route 66? Has some of the best bling.  

I got a taste of special medals with the Disney Coast-to-Coast this year, and I want more. Disney doesn't do a first marathon medal, so that's out. {Heck, Disney didn't even put "inaugural" on the Tower of Terror 13K medal. I'm not still bitter about that five years later or anything.}

I want the Route 66 first marathon medal, with the detour medallion. And I want to do it from the Maniac Corner. {I also want to do it once I get my half time down to two hours, because I really don't want to run for five hours. Which just means I'll be collecting more bling on the quest for this bling.} 

I know most of my blogging buddies are quilters, but if one hobby involves a lot of sitting, shouldn't our other hobby involve a lot of movement?

And, fittingly, my next post will be a finished running t-shirt quilt!

A parting shot from the next generation:
Me: "Want to do the 5K on base next week?"
The Dude: "Sure - what do we get?"
Me: "A t-shirt."
The Dude: "There's no medal?? What's the point of running if there's no medal??"