Run Cara Run - a Finished Quilt

  And she is a big one!

Way bigger than my fence. Thirty shirts and sashing combined to make a king size quilt worth snuggling under. {Seriously. With a flannel back, this sucker weighs a ton.}

The pattern is subtle - the outside is alternating lights and darks, and the inside is a staggered rainbow.

I *love* this guy built out of running words. {And the sponsors. But whatever. He's still cool.} And that brings me to the fun part of this one! Cara mentioned something about "grey on the inside, red on the outside." I took the idea and ran with it {pun absolutely intended} - sashed grey with red cornerstones on the inside, and red with grey cornerstones on the outside. And then I scored red and grey chevron binding to bring it to perfection. I love it when things are just so slightly different!

Chevrons are both Riley Blake, binding is Wilmington Prints.

Can't resist quilting in a hidden Mickey. And hey - I was at that race!

I also snuck in her Marathon Maniacs number...

...and her Half Fanatics number. I really think they ought to number the Double Agents, too - I'd like to see how many truly insane people there are. {Even though Marathon Maniacs can become Half Fanatics just by training runs.}

The rest of the quilting is loops and stars, a good allover pattern that doesn't distract from the t-shirts.

Two that I had to put side by side - I ran the half at Little Rock in 2013. In fact, I was wearing my Little Rock shirt when I opened the box and started sorting. Which makes me think I'm the only person who actually wears their race shirts all the time.

And seeing OKC always makes me smile. I thought that all but one of my t-shirt quilts had an OKC shirt, but I don't think either of the first two did, even though I know Amy and Dolores both ran it. Several times. Because that's what you do when you live in Oklahoma.

The backing is bright pink shoes flannel. And I even cut them so the shoes would be going to same direction! Planning is a good thing. ;)

As an added bonus, she sent a shirt that wouldn't fit no matter what I tried - at 20", it was just too big. So I made it into a pillow cover.

Seriously. She's massive. 87x104"

My ALYOF goal, and on the FAL list, too!