Running T-Shirt Quilt #2 - Finished!

Moving right through the t-shirt quilt pile! I have one more before Christmas, and then I get to take a breather.

Sorry the picture isn't the best. I snapped a couple of pics before delivering, but when I went to upload... "No card in camera." I think I need a speaking camera to yell that at me.

This one was for a friend who is not allowed to park next to me at school pick up. Seriously. I'm all proud of my little 13.1 sticker, then she shows up with 140.6 - a full Ironman! The blocks in the top middle {without sashing} are t-shirts her husband and kids made for that. One says "You are an Ironmom!" Love!

One new thing I learned - there was a tech shirt that was impossible to cut because of the sleeves going to the neckline. So I ended up using it with the sleeve seams, and it looks pretty cool.

It measures 80x80" and is backed in black minky.