Running T-Shirt Quilt - Finished!

Haven't I written this title before? Like, recently?

Well, I guess that's what happens when you run, you have a running buddy, and you belong to a running club...

And this one is for my running buddy, Lori. And it broke my heart right there to cut up the Princess and OKC and Disneyland Half shirts. Those were OUR races! Sniffle.

Of course, I quilted in hidden Mickeys again.

She's a photographer for a travel magazine {Islands} and picked up the backing in Hawaii. She also mails me little stacks of Hawaiian fabrics every time she's there, and I'm hoarding them {and the backing scraps} for a Hawaiian quilt for her 40th birthday, which we're celebrating by running a half together in Hawaii. And more importantly, this happens before my fortieth...hahahaha!

Talk about a missed opportunity for shirt designers - a Superhero half with this shirt?

I really pushed for a different binding, but darn it all if she wasn't right. This same one was auditioned for the last t-shirt quilt and was far too red-violet. Here, it doesn't appear reddish at all and works perfectly.

The border is Christmas fabric - Laurie Wisbrun's Brrr. Sssh, don't tell anyone!

I also made her a pillow from the back of the Philly shirt. It was her first half, and it was too big to go in the grid, so it deserved its own little spot.

All photos are courtesy of Lori. Isn't it nice to see professional quality photos for once?

Okay, here's one from me. CC got kicked off the quilt while we were rearranging the blocks. She was pouting. Everyone say "poor, poor CC. At least the Little People animals still love you."