Running T-shirt Quilt - Finished!

The family has been down with a bug {one...after another...after it's a good thing there's only four of us} so it appears that I'll catch up on blog posts slightly after never. But here's to trying!

This piece of running awesomeness is a Half Fanatic order from - you guessed it! - Texas. Since she sent six Cowtown shirts, I started the puzzle design by grouping them together in the middle. The rest of the puzzle took a little longer, but it's always such a thrill when I get it together.

Sidenote: the bright orange is from 2014, and quite of few of my '14 race shirts are also BRIGHT NEON. I'm not sure I love the trend...they refuse to blend well in a quilt. When will the race directors think of the quilt designers?? ;)

She wanted her Half Fanatics number embroidered on it.

OKCMM! My old {almost} hometown race!

I quilted it in a light grey thread, with loops and stars. Because the stars at night...something something something...deep in the heart of Texas!

The backing is black/grey crosshatch sketch flannel, because I've fallen in love with this sketch design and I will use it everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Be warned, people. The binding is a black and white dotty stripe that I also used in the quilt to fill in the design.