Scrappy Memories - a Finished Quilt

  April was a small departure from the usual race shirts - this one was full of scrapbooking t-shirts. I admit, I was curious to see what kind of shirts scrapbookers wore...and somewhat hopeful that this would inspire me to catch up on my own scrapbooks/Project Life/boxes of crap I've saved. {No, this didn't actually happen.}

The shirts ran the gamut of fairly small to fairly large, so I ended up adding a good bit of filler to round out the top. Which was nice - basically doing patchwork with t-shirt and sweatshirt material.

She asked for it to be quilted with loops and flowers, and I don't want to brag, but I totally nailed every flower. Which is good, because they show up really well in the filler spots!

The backing is this lovely desktop flannel from Joann's - seriously perfect for a scrapbooker.

And it's bound in the same red dot as last week's quilt, because red dot is perfect for everything. {See also: Tennessee Waltz, Christmas Cardinals...}