September - the Shuffling Month

And of course, I'm talking about my shuffling gait after a killer half marathon.

That's what the race director described as a "long hill." What he really meant was 2.5 mile uphill climb. And the guys at the mile eight aid station have a weird definition of "mostly flat from here." Luckily the views were amazing, because my butt is killing me.

In sewing, I did a lot of shuffling through various projects without really finishing much of anything.

Barely eked out a finish this morning as I stitched in the rest of the words on the Cinderella quilt and put the block back in. {My AYOLF goal.} That's right, one simple block repair took me all month. But it is done and it'll get a full finish post on Friday.

I also made my four churn dashes and one Ripples and Reflections step.

Finished the lovely Spin Cycle top.

And a small wall hanging for my mother's neighbor.

Made a whole bunch of daisy blocks.

Started the blocks for my IG-mini.

And quilted several quilts. Finally removed the cat from the bins so I could start binding, and prepping for the next round of quilting. I've got a lot to get through in October because I have a commission for November. But more about that tomorrow on the goal post!

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