Sew Starry - Finished!

My first bigger-than-a-wall-hanging (even though it's...a wall hanging) finish of 2012!
There were four size options - I, of course, chose none of them. Mine is 40x40, made from 2" squares.
 The fabric is three colorations of Felicity's Stash by Makower, and two colors of unknown thread fabric. They match pretty well, so they could be from the same line, but I only had fat quarters without the proper selvage.
I decided to go orderly instead of random in my placement. If you decide to do this, use the coloring page here. I used a lot more reds, especially in the points.
{Obligatory Oklahoma Wind Shot}
I did the quilting myself - cross-hatching in the star, radiating lines in the corners, crossing lines in the triangles. It's very dense for me, and I very much like it. In fact, I keep staring at my husband's Steeler's quilt and imagining the quilting I could add. He thinks I'm staring at him.
The back is plain muslin, and I'm not showing a picture because I haven't buried my threads yet.
It will be hung on the wall in my sewing studio, which is almost set up to the point I'm ready to share the full thing. Almost. I need to vacuum first.