Sky's the Limit - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

This t-shirt quilt was a bit of a challenge - the customer wanted a centered design, but in queen size. Queen would have been a 5x5 layout, which isn't particularly centered!


So I scribbled around on some graph paper until I found the ideal setting sizes to make it work. And then spent nearly that long trying to decide which way the sashing strips/cornerstones should work in between the two sizes.


Still, she had the perfect shirt for the center, and the perfect vision for her theme. The fabric is all birds and the sky - reaching for your goals!


The backing is Fabri-Quilt's Nite Owls Trees, to represent her hiking as well. And it is oh so lovely, and oh so directional! Took a bit of work, but I got all the trees growing in the same direction.


Quilting is the ever faithful loops.


She asked for the same dark blue for the border as the centered shirt, and I thought it would darken up the whole quilt too much. Glad to say that she was right, and I was wrong! It must be the sparkles - they make everything light and shiny.