Snowball Fight! {Week One}

Having a heat wave? Virginia is... It's probably my fault by bringing the Oklahoma heat out here.
But what better way to beat the heat than by having a Snowball Fight?
On it's own, it's a great way to frame a block. Combined with other blocks, it makes great secondary patterns. 
I'm making both types this month - one from a layer cake with two-color corner squares, and one with alternating nine-patch blocks.
To get you started, here's a couple great tutorials. {I'm not going to re-invent the wheel when these are already out there!}
Sew Many Ways - the inspiration for my Snowball Fight

As you can see, I use elements of both tutorials - painter's tape instead of drawing lines {works for binding strips, too!} and double-sewing the corners for the bonus HST. I don't use a line for my bonus HST - my foot is 3/8ths, so I do a smidge over from the first sewing line.

Alas, my layer cake did not make it in time for this post, but if you'd like to make a two-color-corner one with me, you need a layer cake and one yard of each corner color.

Week One - separate the layer cake into two groups {by color, by value, random, whatever} and cut the yardage into 4" squares. Decide which color is going with which group.