Snowball Fight! {Week Two}

This week is all about the corners - those little squares that make a snowball a snowball.
If the snowball is being combined with a second block, the corner size is dictated by the second block. {More on that next week.}
When the snowball is on its lonesome, you get to pick the corner size.

You can go too big - corners that touch in the middle are a square-in-a-square block, and that's made with a completely different method. But you almost can't go too small - sometimes a teeny pop of color in the corner is all a fabric needs to shine.

If you're not sure what size to use, the rule of thirds is always a good starting point. Because of seam allowances, the unfinished snowball corners should be 1/2" bigger than the third - 2.5" on a 6" finished block {6.5" unfinished.}

When you're saving the bonus HSTs, that can be part of the sizing. They will square 1" smaller than the snowball corner - my 4" corners layer cake snowball corners will yield a 3" unfinished HST.

And of course, there's the yardage. I chose 4" corners for my layer cake version because that cuts perfectly out of a yard of fabric! If I had gone up to 4.5" squares, it would require 1.25 yards, and I don't typically keep that on hand.

Week Two of the Layer Cake Snowballs

Make some snowballs!

Pick one of the corner colors and 21 layer cake slices. Sew corner to corner. Sew 1/2" away from the corner line.

Slice between the line, press toward the corner.

Repeat 21 times!