Spin Cycle - Finished!

This feels like a project that took forever, even though I pieced the blocks just last winter and only put it on hold because Miss Kate was announced, and clearly I needed Miss Kate borders. But I've been collecting the fabrics forever, so it was a long time from the first purchase to the finish.

And speaking of the fabrics. Every.single.Bonnie and Camille.line. Except April Showers. Meh. Sorry. Can't win 'em all. But Bliss, Scrumptious, Happy Go Lucky, Marmalade, Vintage Modern, Ruby, and of course, Miss Kate. All there.


And they play so nicely together in this design! Spin Cycle is a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern, and it was very well done. The only quibble I have is that it uses exactly 9" of fabric...so if your quilt shop is not a generous cutter for squaring up, you might have a bit of trouble. I only had one piece that was short, but I was able to cut those pieces from the scrap. I don't know how well the cutting worked for fat quarters, since all of mine were quarter yards.

It's a really white quilt. I looked at a lot of Miss Kate for the border, but I kept coming back to the white floral. Which is a stupid idea with kids and CC. But in the end, I decided I didn't care. It was definitely the right border.

I debated the two greens for border/binding, and finally asked my husband. He declared that the Miss Kate was a better demarcation line. Me: "Uh, you mean stop border?" Him: "Same thing." But totally different languages.

I Red-Peppered the binding again. It's a really easy method to get the hang of, and I think it looks good. And can stand up to repeated washings!

The backing is Bungle Jungle by Tim and Beck. I wanted Miss Kate, of course, but there wasn't any wide backing. And at 82" square, I wasn't going to piece backing. I picked it thinking it would go well with the aquas on the front...totally forgetting that I already had the green binding. Oh well, they don't look terrible together. Just maybe not a combo I would have chosen on purpose.

And oh, the quilting. I love the quilting. Spirals with flowers with more spirals. I was going to do light grey, to blend with the background {which is Jasmine Tea by Jessie Aller and I love it and I wish I had a whole bolt of it} but the ladies at the long arm rental place threw aqua at me instead. Sometimes it's good to have a whole roomful of people to help make decisions.

Doesn't this look like an artful shot? It's actually falling off the fence. And I finished it on Tuesday so I would have plenty of time to get pictures...but it's rained every minute since I pulled it out of the dryer. And the forecast for my half marathon on Sunday? More rain. Yeeha, I hope there's a Starbucks close to the finish line!

{Oh, and by the way - giveaway for Make It Do pattern over here. In case you missed it.}