Squadron T-Shirt Quilt - Finished!

And my last t-shirt quilt finish for the year! Finishing up with a local squadron one, which is always fun.


Some squadrons I know, like the weapons school! No, I have no idea what they do at air refueling weapons school.


This shirt I do know well, unfortunately. It's a tribute to the KC-135 crew that was killed in 2013. My husband has it, too.


I used a camo flannel {in the lovely deployment desert tan that we know so well} to bump it up to twin size.


The camo is also the binding and the backing. Quilting is a big meander that blends nicely with the curves of the camo.


And bless him, my husband willingly held this up on base for me. I got an "absolutely not" when I asked about taking pictures ON the flight line, but apparently within view of the flight line is okay. So - there's the planes! America!