It All Started With the Bling - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

  I wasn't going to post about these until the third one was finished {and it's not even started!}, but my client said she was eager to see her fence glamour shots, so... Here we go!

{My poor, infamous fence.} And it's not even the biggest of the three! There are 70 shirts in it - representing all fifty states - and it measures a whooping 100" square. It actually wasn't terribly bad to plan - I broke it into four 50ish" sections and planned each one separately. And when you have 70 shirts to work with, it's pretty easy to find a 10x14" shirt to fill that spot, or a 16" square to fill that other spot.

She asked for some fabric in the front, and we decided on some fifty state fabric from Joann's. I surrounded her official Fifty States Half Marathon Club shirt with it. {Isn't that an awesome paint job? I barely even track my states. Maybe twelve?}

And then I surrounded a couple other "event races." Yeah, there's official gear in some places for people crazy enough to run two half marathons {or fulls!} in a weekend. And I might actually do this one when we move to Oklahoma. I still don't have Kansas!

The backing is the same states fabric. I used gold thread to quilt all-over loops. With something this big, I wanted easy!

Oh, and Missoula and Vegas - I ran both of those with her! Also Portland. And I think some other races, but I can't remember which ones. Probably some Disney ones - that's the last quilt.

This is my favorite thing, and it only happened in a couple spots. The binding is more of the states fabric, and look! North Carolina on the North Carolina shirt! Okay, I'm easily amused.

So massive that I would have to get a ladder out to get a decent yard shot. And also mow. And clearly none of that is happening.

100" square {did I mention it was massive?}

Next up, her 110" fifty states souvenir shirts quilt!

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