Striped Spiral - Finished!

I pulled this quilt off my treadmill hanging rack earlier this week when it became apparent that I would not finish Skorca in time for the Blogger's Quilt Festival. {Which was when I threw Skorca in the corner and yelled, "I hate you!" like a teenage girl. Poor Skorca.}

This was an easier quilt to finish. But it still looks pretty good. {Kind of like the teenage girl's Homecoming dance back-up date/best guy friend who totally has a secret crush on her.}

I made most of the top while living in a hotel in Vegas in June. Which is not as glamorous as it sounds. After I finished the blocks I brought with me, I decided it needed to have a neutral block in each corner, so it was put aside until I got back to my stash.

I added another row and column, backed it with a light knit, and quilted it in the neutral with three blue/brown stripes.

It goes to a friend who was the first person to take me to the LQS here in Oklahoma. Her husband flies the same plane that my husband used to fly, and they're currently moving {with their baby, who the quilt is actually for!} to Washington state, our previous assignment. And I am so, so jealous. Especially in the fall - Washington rules apple picking season! I will be less jealous once the snow starts. ;)

Her only request was brown and Tiffany's blue. It's not quite the right blue...but I'm hoping to make it up to her if our team wins the Nike DC Half-Marathon lottery. It's amazing how many women you can convince to run a half with you when there's a little blue box at the end.

The stripe has been in my stash for five or so years; the neutral is Dimples. The binding is April Cornell's Nature's Notebook.

Size: 40x40"
Quilted: Me
Special Techniques: paying close attention to the direction of the stripes!