Sunday Stash Report - Week 34

Ahhh, finally a good report.
I bought a half yard of Kate Spain's new Christmas line, which matches well enough with her old Christmas line to border the Christmas Stars.
I bought it at Quilt Beginnings in Columbus, Ohio, while waiting for my husband's flight. Cute shop - good selection. And a toy box to entertain the Dude.
I finished Charming Wildflowers and iSpy Sliced Coin Quilt before I left for Ohio, so they could be gifted to my husband's grandmother and nephew, respectively. So the backings and bindings checked off a couple yards each.

Used this Week: 5.73
Used Year to Date: 90.97
Added this Week: 0.5
Added Year to Date: 134.7

Net Used for 2011: (43.73) yards

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