Swoon - Finished!

I started it way, way back in September 2011.

Along the way, I made friends with Heather and Debbie, both WiP Wednesday linkers who were Swooning. They both finished a million years ago.

Later, I joined the Swoon-along. Most of those people finished...a million years ago.

So, after a million years...give or take a few...

My Swoon.

{The husband did not understand "spread your arms wider!" Or "don't step on my quilt or you can sleep under it on the guest bed!"}

The fabric is Sandy Gervais' fall line from 2011, Grand Finale, with a bit of fall leaves from Fall-gyle, some scraps of SG's Lollipop, and unknown orange-y fall print {sorry, I don't save selvages from a million years ago.} The background is Dimples. The border is also Grand Finale, and the binding is SG's Awesome.

The layout includes three 24" blocks, four 16" blocks, and eleven 8" blocks. 

Regular readers know I've been slightly giddy about renting long arm time, but sticking with safe pantos. Not for my Swoon. 

No, I was going to freehand my Swoon. Loops and the occasional butts leaves.

Lesson learned: I looped the sashing first {across the left bottom corner} and I shouldn't have - it restricted my movement too much and doesn't blend nicely.

And I had to do something SPECIAL on the big blocks - loops and swooshes and more swooshing and more loops. {Is it just me, or is it dang near impossible to get a good shot of quilting?}

It is not perfect quilting, but it's a pretty giant leap forward for me.

And then there's the back...

See, I hate a pieced back. I do them sometimes, but my preference is also a nice, clean, solid stretch of fabric. I don't mind other people's pieced backs...just not on mine.

But for some reason, this idea got stuck in my head. Probably after reading the list of Sandy Gervais' past lines and realizing that with the names known, it was do-able.

That's ten years of SG fall lines, from 2003-2012.


Not only was I able to find a bit of everything, but most places didn't even seem to realize these were OOP and were selling them as clearance!

So, there you {finally} have it. She measures about 82x82" and is going on the queen guest bed. {Um, after everyone puts away their laundry.}