Summer Drinks - Finished!

Another one to check off the far-too-long to-do list! But sometimes, it's good to have unquilted tops hanging around. My sorority little sister had a baby girl, and I gave her a choice of tops.


She chose Summer Drinks, made from the Lynne Bob Square Pants block. The top was finished way back in July 2012.


This summer I added the "extension" borders to finish the design, and I'm so glad I did. They really finish it off.


The poor quilt went through three backings - a pink flannel that was too small, a yellow minky that was too bright, and a pink minky that was just right. It's quilted with loops and hearts, my favorite baby quilt design. Soft and delightful.


I also quilted in the baby's name, Victoria. I tried to mess with the contrast so you can see it...but pictures aren't my thing. Trust me, it's there. And I need to remember to dots my Is and cross my Ts...


First quilt with my professional labels! And a good thing, because next time I need to position it a little further out. The binding is a simple pink dot.


The fabrics are beige Dimples and an unknown FQ set that I won a while ago. The colors remind some people of cosmos, margaritas, and lemon drop martinis...or lemonade, green tea, and pink lemonade. Depending on your drinking habits in the summer.

40" square