Log Cabin Star - A Finished Mini Quilt

This one shouldn't count as a finish, but I checked back and it never did actually get its finished post, so... Here it goes!


This is a block from the Fat Quarter Stars quilt along that I did in 2011-12. I had grand plans for this quilt, most of which never came to fruition. Eventually I turned two blocks into pillows, and I made this block into a mini quilt. Except I never finished stitching the binding, and stuck it on my wall with a pin holding up the bottom binding. 

So when we moved, I set it aside while putting up my mini wall, and finally got around to stitching that last ten inches of binding yesterday. Mostly so I could have a finish post today. Stop judging me. All that matters is that it's done.

The fabric is Charlevoix by Minick and Simpson, which is of course long out of print. Luckily their newer line, Ann Arbor, is still available in places, and it's a pretty close match. 


The backing isn't exciting - just plain muslin pieced together. But it has pocketsssssssssss. Quilt hanger pockets so I don't have to jab it with pins. You know, besides the one that was in the binding for three years.

And since star blocks and log cabin blocks are among my favorite things, I'm glad this is now gracing my mini wall...properly finished. And maybe someday I'll finish the actual quilt!

12" square

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Gigi's Quilt - Finished!

This was one of the drop-everything-and-piece-it-now projects from this summer.


I knew I had the denim jeans in the bin my husband's grandmother gave me with her Necchi sewing machine, but when I looked through the bin, I found these old pillowcases.


Grandma! I had no less than five people come up and ask who Bonnie was when I quilted it. The general consensus was Bonnie is a spicy lady! And she really is.


The jeans were the ones that were cut off her husband at the hospital the day he died of an aneurysm, before I met my husband. Since she saved them for 15+ years before passing them along to me, I knew they had to end up in a quilt to her. When I found the pillowcases, I grabbed my graph paper and the quilt was born!


I tried to preserve as much jeans details as possible, which led to the addition of the creamy red dot strips to keep the seams from being out of control bulky. If I had to do it again, I'd add a border just so I don't sew binding into jeans. It was doable but rough.


The quilting is just loops to avoid the jeans seams, the pillowcases, and the pockets, but I did add their anniversary in one of the plain jeans sections. Okay, my quilty-handwriting could use some work.


The backing is Joann's flannel and the binding is DS Quilts first line for Joann's - I had just enough left from Chunky Log Cabin


The sawtooth stars are flannel from a kit I bought several years ago, for a totally different project. It took a bit of math, but I figured out how to cut three stars from a fat quarter with almost no waste, so the ten in the kit worked out nicely.


And it leads to so many different textures between the cotton, flannel, denim, and soft pillowcases, that I can't stop touching the quilt! Perfect for an older lady to sit on the couch with.


In fact, I wanted to demonstrate how perfect it is as a couch quilt with a nicely staged photo with a pillow and all...and quickly "and all" became Miss CC. Clearly it is cuddle-able.