Memoirs of an Undergrad - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

I know - lots of t-shirt quilt finishes lately! But the cold, dreary weather keeps me inside, working hard. And this one wasn't too many shirts, with only a little bit of "extra work" adding a 3-D pocket to the green shirt on the left, so it went fast.

Although I'm pretty sure as a former Oklahoma resident, and a soon-to-be-returning Oklahoma resident {<---that's a hint, right there!} I'm supposed to hate Texas Tech. Oh well. I did the t-shirt quilt for her mother a few years ago, so it was wonderful to have a repeat customer.

Look, no snow! Instead, we have wind. I know, I'm never satisfied...but really, we've had sucky weather of some sort for a really long time now. I'm more than ready for spring. Like, any time now, sunshine.

Look, I do fill out labels! And immediately after I took this picture, it started raining.

The flannel is a black plaid, the binding is black Kona. Easy enough! Quilting is loops, in pearl grey Superior thread.