The Rainbow Connection - a Finished Quilt!

  A long time ago, I worked in Disney World as part of their College Program. I roomed with five other young ladies, and we bonded hard for a summer, then fell out of touch when we went back to real life. Though the magic of Facebook, we've all reconnected by clicking "like" on all the pictures of our adorable kids.

Liz, who now has three adorable children, asked me to make a rainbow chevron quilt for her middle child. I enthusiastically made the top, then it sat for a while for various reasons, one of which being that I was afraid to quilt it.

I mean, boring echoing straight lines? I could do it, but...boring. Heavy duty custom stuff? Nope, can't do that. Plus, I wouldn't want to, given that it's a kid's quilt.

Then, when I "custom" quilted my niece's quilt with loops within the pattern lines, I realized I now had the confidence and plan I needed for the chevrons. So I dug it out and picked out an awesome backing {embrace the rainbow}, and got to work!

I love the quilting. Like, a lot. After doing all the loops in the neutral {which is Kona Bone. Or Parchment. Or whatever.} I asked my longarm rental ladies if I needed to add more. The consensus was the little loops in the colors, which I think is the perfect touch. And that's why I'm glad I still rent my longarm time - I love having immediate access to several people with lots more experience than me!

And of course, I had to make sure there was a touch of Mickey fabric in there.

I appliqued an E on it for her daughter's name. I wish I had found the binding fabric sooner, because it would have POPPED a lot more than this fabric does.

Oooh, an artful shot ruined by the fact that everything is dead and brown. Not much in the way of winter over here, but too early for spring.

The binding is a fabulous rainbow stripe from my hoarded Dr. Seuss fat quarters....which I finally broke into this month. And yes, I meant to make it a diagonal bias stripe, and even did the prep work, then proceeded to cut from the wrong side. Sigh.


Kona Bone and scraps (5.5" unfinished)