The Rest of My Christmas Sewing

Last Christmas post! Let's just all agree not to look at the date.
I made a little drawstring bag for my niece's ballet and tap shoes. She wanted to wear it as a backpack, so I made buttonholes in the bottom and threaded the ribbon through. Faster than buying grommets, though less sturdy.
And, the present of the year...
Oh yes - we NEEDED an Angry Bird. It's a recent phenomenon for the Dude, as we just put Chrome on our computers. No one tell him it's on Dad's Kindle Fire or we'll never see that thing again.
{The Dude's rendition of an Angry Bird scene}
{I was told I need to make a golden egg}
The fabulous tutorial is at Obsessively Stitching - and yes, I'll be making all of them over the next couple of months.
One note, though. Make sure you use "anti-pill" fleece. As you can see, my red guy is already pretty pilled up from excessive handling in the last couple of weeks.