Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - A Finished T-Shirt Quilt!

Introducing - for the first time ever - my VERY OWN t-shirt quilt! Yes, that's right, I finally made my own!


Okay, partly as a demo for our church auction back in May, and finished in time for our modern quilt guild's t-shirt quilt demo tomorrow, but...whatever. It's finished, and it's MINE!


Plus, seriously, we're moving soon and I'm not going to move shirts that haven't been worn in fifteen years. Stacks of quilts, yes, but not any more boxes of clothes. {Not counting the kids' stuff, of course. I'll save those baby clothes for a quilt forever.}


I separated things by "genre" - all my sorority shirts together, the other extracurricular activities, etc. Which was fun when I realized I was displaying a top featuring toga parties at a church auction.


Not to mention the mottos of my newspaper and service fraternity....


I had a Fancy Dress section to the right, and some of my favorite events right in the middle - the Mock Con, the 250th Ball, the Presidential, college was fun.


For the backing, I decided to splurge and get the one fabric that I loved in recent releases. Normally, eh, fabric is fabric and there's always something out there that I can like, but I fell hard for this print from Cotton + Steel. And when I could snag a whole bunch on clearance, even better!

The binding is from the Downtown Abbey collection, and the quilting is simple boxy meander, which remains my favorite on t-shirt quilts.


And the name? Every time I ask a client for a quilt name, I suggest "a song title, a favorite quote, etc." And yet, not a single one has picked the best t-shirt quilt/song title name! So I did. Thanks, Fall Out Boy.