Toy Story - a Finished Quilt

Just in case you thought I only made t-shirt quilts these days...sometimes I finish up really, really old projects.

Like this one from 2012. It is the simplest of quilts - some border fabric and coordinates, just four patches and pinwheels. And yet it took two years to make the top. {Obviously not consecutively.} Then it took our friends' new baby boy to finally get it quilted. I have plenty of baby girl quilts for fast gifts, but people insist on not choosing their babies' genders based on this information.

I busted out my best Quilt Kisses impression and quilted each row differently. Some better than others - I like the pinwheels a lot, but my wishbones are...not quite right. But hey - it's practice and it's NOT LOOPS. {Okay, some of them are basically loops. But not all over loops!}

I like this row because the loops are in the fabric, too. And my orange peels are far from perfect, but I really love doing them.

In shocking news, CC continues to be a brat.

The backing is minky from Joann's, and I adore the pattern. Just the right colors, and the quilting is barely noticeable. {You know, in case I screwed it up!}

The binding is the same yellow dot from this t-shirt quilt. It's always nice to nearly use something up before it heads to the scrap bin! And yes, I know, I'm going to fill out the label. I promise.

This goes to the new brother of this quilt, born almost exactly the same day two years later. That's some decent family planning!


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