Travel the Fifty - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

  And the second of three absolutely ginormous quilts! This one lands itself in the top spot, biggest ever. Although I did just check and Big Blue clocked in at 105x115", so this is the same overall square inches. But biggest t-shirt quilt, for sure. I'd like to say biggest for a long, long time...but there's still the third one to tackle.

It is too big - or rather, too heavy - for the fence. I need some stronger clamps to hold it. My little clothespins were snapping! I think this was 69 shirts? All souvenirs from the states as Heather ran her races. Plus a couple of Michigan natives for good measure.

See? Native!

It was a fun batch of shirts - ranging from ultra-touristy to just plain local. You can tell she had fun picking them out!

The backing and binding are a light and shimmery pink. And I went fully into the theme and quilted it with light pink loops.

Yeah, nearly impossible to get a full shot of this one. Actually, I have house painters, and I thought about asking to borrow their ladders, but some people were concerned about liability and hospitalizations. Sheesh. You'd think Lori would be more supportive of me trying to take decent pictures, but noooooooooooo. She's all "who's going to drive you to the ER?" Spoilsport.

Anyway, final size is...110" square. Yup, ginormous! Wrestling all three of these into one box is going to be the hardest part of this whole endeavor.

And now one more to go - all Disney! {Though not for a while - she's sending me the last box of shirts this week. So back to the regularly scheduled 'normal' size t-shirts next week.}

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